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Properly managing Power BI is not a given

One of the strengths of Power BI is its rapid adoption by organizations. Power BI is part of Office 365, and with a pay-per-use model, it's easy to get started. Users can create a dataset and reports within a few hours using Power BI Desktop. Sharing with colleagues is a matter of a few clicks within the Power BI environment. Soon, there are hundreds of reports and dozens of workspaces where colleagues exchange insights. While this presents an opportunity in the current era of rapidly needing information, it also brings a significant challenge: How do I maintain control over my Power BI environment?

Properly managing Power BI is not automatic. The environment needs to be monitored, and users require guidelines and support. In many organizations, Power BI management is at a low level or sometimes nonexistent. Even if there is an administrator, they quickly become overwhelmed with administrative tasks, user support inquiries, and updates or new functionalities. A lack of control over your Power BI environment can lead to various problems. The most critical areas are:

  • Security issues, such as unauthorized use or data leaks
  • Slow reports and datasets
  • Incorrect data and inconsistent quality
  • Increasing costs (in the case of Power BI Premium)
  • Disengaged users

Time for serious action

If serious actions are not taken, it can have a significant impact on the success of your Power BI environment. Delay, in the form of a lack of management, can lead to long-term issues. Here are 10 steps to regain control and start as an organization:

  1. Get to know your (potential) users
  2. Gather better insights
  3. Establish a Power BI Competence Center
  4. Ensure a proper role distribution within the Competence Center
  5. Distinguish between Managed and Self-Service BI content
  6. Maintain control over the creation of workspaces
  7. Implement an onboarding process
  8. Certify and promote Power BI content
  9. Proactively monitor and analyze your Premium Capacity
  10. Prioritize security and prevent data breaches

"This whitepaper is a must-read for organizations working with Power BI Premium, organizations seeking to make the most of Power BI in a secure and manageable manner, and organizations just discovering the possibilities of Power BI."