Factor 5: Customization & Mobility

Every business is different and every customer is different

So why be shuffled into an off-the-shelf ERP system that’s onesize fits all?

It’s forecast that there will soon be 25 billion devices around the world equipped with sensors that let them communicate with each other and other sources.

This ‘Internet of Things’ is going to see the volume of data available grow exponentially.

This is a good thing. The more data you have access to, the more real-time insights you can glean, the better you’re able to make predications and get ahead. The challenge is having a system capable of combining masses of data (both structured and unstructured) and visualising the information in an easily-digestible, userfriendly manner.

Doing so paves the way for better real-time monitoring of business process and grants faster insights into trends helping you make better strategic decisions.

One of the drawbacks of traditional ERP solutions were their inherent inflexibility. The ‘drag and drop’ nature of modern ERP offers a whole suite of customizable dashboards, reports, notifications and more intuitive user experiences – all accessible via a smart device anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, a growing suite of ‘plug and play’ apps enable you to continuously transform your organization, one discrete, high-value business process at a time.

Combined, these two capabilities enable the development of new functionality in a matter of weeks, rather than of months, and carries over all customizations seamlessly to the latest release of the application – overcoming a challenge many organizations will be familiar with, ‘version-lock’.

Leveraging Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps can turn your business expertise into custom applications.

Many organizations struggle to find off-the-shelf apps or services to solve their businesses’ specific challenges. Microsoft PowerApps empowers your teams to quickly and easily build custom business apps without writing a single line of code. Create apps tailored to your business from scratch or extend or customize the apps you already use to provide your employees with the tools they need to be more productive and achieve better results.

Microsoft PowerApps allows you to get more out of your data

Built on the foundation of the Common Data Model and with Common Data Service for Apps built in, PowerApps stores your data in a standardized format making it easy to build and run apps using the same data. Dynamics 365 applications are natively built on it, so you can build apps without needing additional data integration.

Microsoft PowerApps also integrates with Microsoft Power Automate, making it possible to trigger workflows from within apps, or combine PowerApps with Power BI to drive business analytics on your data for fast and informed decision making.

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