Factor 2: Customer Intimacy

Have you lost track of what your customers really want, and how to give it to them?

It wasn’t so long ago that all you had to do to satisfy the customer was to deliver orders quickly, offer good-quality products and establish a reliable returns policy. In short, the power was with the manufacturer. The world has changed significantly.

When it comes to purchasing power, buyers are more confident than ever.

Today’s customers have high expectations for both online and face-to-face transactions and expect all the information on agreements and deliveries to be directly accessible.

Furthermore, they anticipate someone will be on-hand 24/7 to answer their questions. This demand trifecta of customization, service and convenience is at odds with the traditional world of manufacturing, and exposes the limitations of traditional ERP systems.

Many manufacturers are already juggling multiple product portfolios, variants and versions, changing specifications and time-to-market pressures – not to mention intensive global competition.

So, how can businesses effectively provide an exceptional customer experience and ensure customer requests are processed correctly, straight away?

By having a system that enables you to predict future demands and forge strong, intimate relationships with customers – new and established.

Introducing a customer relationship management (CRM) system integrated with your ERP platform...

... enables you to better anticipate your customers’ needs, offers you far more options for serving those needs, and ensures you can deliver a superior customer experience.

"Classification, opportunity management, quotations, interactions and agreements in Outlook, following up on campaigns – we can manage everything easily and get an insight into it all. It certainly has led to us delivering a much-improved proactive service to customers and potential customers alike”

Robert Dielemans Business operations manager, Itho Daalderop

Helping customers more proactively by implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Company: Itho Daalderop is a leading manufacturer and supplier of energyefficient solutions for heating, ventilation and control technology.

The Challenge: To capitalize fully on the market, the business wanted access to a complete picture of all construction projects at any given moment, with insights into the contact moments, discussion transcripts, reports and all planning from all partners.

The Solution: Focused on their vision to raise its relationships and project management to a higher plain, Itho Daalderop made the decision to introduce Microsoft Dynamics CRM alongside its existing Dynamics ERP system.


  • A complete picture of projects with all the contacts concerned
  • Control over sales processes and projects
  • Better contact and stakeholder management
  • Clear guiding information