Factor 1: Reduced Complexity

Are complexity and multiple operational systems holding back your organization?

Most manufacturers will have successfully deployed some form of ERP solution over the past three decades. Data collection and reporting also has been a core activity for just as long – though ‘pen-and-paper’ and spreadsheets are still the dominant method.

The growth barrier facing most businesses is the operation of multiple IT systems across their production areas, warehouses and back office functions, many of which are now out of date and unsupported.

These jumbled IT architectures promote siloed working, present a growing security risk and make it almost impossible to gain an accurate, real-time view of the supply chain end to end.

Modern ERP platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 overcome this challenge by unifying disparate data streams, apps and infrastructure with high-level intelligence and automation.

These systems reduce organizational complexity by introducing neatly designed workflows which leverage the everdeepening connectivity between people, processes and products, and make the entire human resource chain more efficient.

Getting the right information and insights to the right people at precisely the right time means improved procurement, inventory, demand forecasting, production, quality, costs sales, distribution and service – the entire value chain.

Thanks to these insights, organizations are f inally able to overcome the three issues they’ve traditionally struggled with, namely: gaining a deeper understanding of their customer base and their demand needs, their manufacturing operations, and their supply chains.

"Thanks to the integration within Dynamics of all business processes such as sales, assembly, services, logistics, rental and inventory management, it is simple to open up new locations around the world to support the ambition of international growth”

Bertil Wever CFO, Bredenoord
Customer Case

Bredenoord supports its international growth by implementing Microsoft Dynamics

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