Arrested Development

Together with Gov News, HSO published a 23-page report into why it’s time for police forces to look again at Enterprise Resource Planning.

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This white paper – the first in a series of four – will explore some of the benefits that new technology can unleash. It will look at barriers to change, and at ways in which they can be overcome. It will explore the latest developments in ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – demonstrating why now is the time for forces across the country to look again at how deployment of ERP platforms can help drive organisational change, enabling optimal management of resources and unlocking efficiencies on a before unimaginable scale.

The police service stands on the brink of change. By making the right digital choices, forces across the country can swiftly adapt to meet the changing nature of crime as society evolves. Streamlining operations at all levels, lifting administrative burden, freeing up the frontline and ultimately reducing criminality through a force in which the public can be rightly confident.

“We are wasting time and money and inefficiencies on our current platform, and most importantly the processes that platform enables or doesn’t enable.”

Phil Baxter ERP Programme Director, Avon and Somerset Police

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