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Chapter 9

Becoming a digital borough needn’t be expensive, or difficult

“The use of technology has now changed forever; we have seen five years of change in just a few months.”

Kingston Council

How Microsoft technology can help

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    It’s tough for you

    The world has changed. But one thing has not - your budget. Yet, as a local authority, you must continue to meet the rising service needs of a growing population without a hitch. Relying on existing - often outdated and unfit for purpose - technology, to do so.

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    And it’s tough for them

    For your communities, times are harder. The cost of living is rising and there are fewer jobs spread between more people. As a result, there is greater dependency on the services you provide. And so, there is increased pressure on you to deliver more, faster, but with less. Something has to give. Or does it?

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    You have the power

    If you have Microsoft 365 you already have the tools to meet different needs by creating new apps. Microsoft has also made it easy to connect Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Teams to existing systems, extending the value of existing investments.

  • 4

    Easy to use tools

    Staff already familiar with Microsoft technology have a short learning curve.

  • 5

    Rapid payback

    With a short learning curve, staff quickly connect and increase efficiency.

  • 6

    Quick to connect

    Cloud-based tools are quick to activate, with a predictable subscription cost.

  • 7

    Improve community lives

    Microsoft technology provides a link between you, the services you deliver, and your communities. It also gives you the flexibility to create new connected applications.

“Over 1,500 homes across the city now have assistive technology. You can do push notices to alert someone to take their medicine, or there are sensors in the home so the family will get an alert that the family member has put a kettle on, so they are up in the morning or whatever it is,”

Sunderland City Council

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Becoming a digital borough enables your staff to perform their roles more efficiently to better address community needs.

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