Chapter 1

a Quick Look Back

A Quick Look Back at 2020 THE MASS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and What is the Outlook for the Future

The digital transformation has been phenomenal, but we haven’t even anticipated what the real change could be. COVID is an accelerant, but if we look at how 5G and 6G will change our lives, this is just the beginning. It’s also important to note just how plugged in we all are with multiple computers, phones, and messaging services. The importance of an integrated system can’t be understated.

It's all about thriving in the face of change. Organizations big and small have been impacted and have been leaning on what Microsoft is calling “Digital Resilience.” This is looked at from two perspectives:

  1. How will it help me handle the crisis?
  2. How will it help me recover and thrive in the post-pandemic era?

If done right, Digital Transformation will help companies increase speed to market, improve workforce productivity and stability, and of course enable greater digital resiliency. Also, there is a focus on short-term financial gains for those who have been dedicated to transforming digitally. Microsoft is determined to help companies go through these phases in response to the pandemic and beyond: Respond and adapt to the current situation, recover by focusing on value and reducing costs, and reimagine your business to focus on new opportunities and growth. The pandemic created three different types of business groups from a technological readiness standpoint:

  1. The companies that put off any meaningful transformation and were caught playing catchup
  2. The greenfield companies saw it as an opportunity to start with the right digital base
  3. The companies that were continually investing in technology over the years and could pivot quickly during the lockdowns

In the Future, the focus will be moved away from a survival state and begin to center around how prospects and customers are engaging with the digital tools companies are utilizing.