What Does it Mean for your Business?

What is DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and what does it mean for your business?

Like most big concept buzzwords, “Digital Transformation” means something different to almost everyone. You hear it thrown around with terms like the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive Analytics. But could digital and technological advances really have an impact on YOUR business?

To get a practical, real-world perspective, we asked technology experts of modern business, for their definition. The common theme was clear. Digital Transformation is what happens when businesses rethink processes, services, and products in terms of what is possible using current technology. From clever ways they learn to use the data they collect to figuring out how the internet allows them to deliver services across the globe, companies succeeding with digital transformation are using modern business management systems to gain customer insight, automate processes and support new business models.

To help you understand what your own digital transformation can look like, we collected real-world stories from businesses using ERP, CRM, and the cloud to rethink their future. In the following pages, you’ll find deeper explanations of what technological advances can mean for your business so you can evaluate and choose the right new business systems.

The Potential of Digital Transformation:

  • Rediscover Customer Engagement
  • Connect without boundaries
  • Optimize Operations
  • Modernize service delivery
  • Reinvent business models
  • Support data-driven decisions
  • Reimagine business systems