Chapter 5

Do you need a modern data platform faster? Use the HSO Accelerators

Use the HSO Accelerators

Many companies face huge obstacles when it comes to creating a modern data platform. Think of data scattered across different sources, legacy applications full of data and the fear of costly and time-consuming data migrations... Our answer is the HSO Accelerators. They drastically shorten timeto- market, cut costs, and are based on a standard data architecture, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

So, do you want to get started with business analytics tooling as soon as possible? Then the HSO DNA Framework (low-code) is the ideal solution for bringing data together and unlocking it. Below we explain the advantages and the main differences between these accelerators.

The HSO DNA Framework

The HSO Data and Analytics Framework (in short: DNA Framework) is the way to set up a complete data warehouse solution two to four times faster. Thanks to the open infrastructure, it is possible to bring together data from various sources in an accelerated manner. The data is processed and available in any format.

This allows you to analyse the data, create reports and gain deeper insights
into the business processes. Furthermore, the DNA Framework can automatically set up the cloud components, such as Azure Synapse, Azure Datalake and Azure Data Factory, in your environment.

The DNA Framework is source independent

(Oracle, SAP, Excel, APIs, etc) and can
integrate all sources. The DNA Framework is mostly suitable when Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX is one of the main data sources because of the standard data models that the framework provides. In addition, the link from the data warehouse to other solutions also benefits from the open infrastructure. It does not matter whether the data is visualised in Power BI, SSRS, Excel or any other business intelligence solution. The framework integrates with all Microsoft applications such as SQL Server,
Office 365, and Cortana, but also with
applications outside the Microsoft landscape.

Key benefits:

  • Speeding up the implementation time of the modern data platform (2 to 4x faster)
  • Accelerating the convergence of data from various sources
  • Easily combining structured and unstructured data
  • Data is available in any format
  • Includes standard Dynamics 365 and
    Dynamics AX data configurator

The DNA Framework is source independent but particularly suitable if Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX is the main data source.