Data platform modernization

The world of business intelligence, data warehousing, predictive analytics, data science and AI is currently undergoing an enormous development and i maturing rapidly. This development is partly driven by the transition to the cloud, a wave that we are all currently riding.

The cloud has led more and more companies to embrace the principle of 'data first'. The realisation is growing that data is essential to better manage and control your business. But the question is: how do you make this principle concrete?

A modern data platform in the cloud is the first step towards a data-driven organisation. In this white paper we explain:

  • Why a data strategy and a modern data platform are indispensable;
  • Four trends that support this vision;
  • What the consequences are for your data warehouse when implementing a cloudbased ERP or CRM system;
  • What an ideal cloud-based data platform looks like;
  • And which accelerators you can use to
    set up a data platform - also with legacy