Chapter 3

The benefits of a digital foundation

You may develop your foundation with a goal in mind. Yet the right platform will give you the flexibility to pivot if that goal moves.

During the pandemic, those with a well-established digital foundation adapted to the crisis faster, with less disruption.

They could deploy and scale new productivity, collaboration, and utility software fast.

Something we continue to see as organisations work to support people during this Cost-of-Living crisis.

You need a platform to enable you to move from linear responses and constrained outcomes, to one where you can react to changing demands without the need for expensive - and lengthy - technology implementations.

Take Suffolk Council for example…They wiped millions from the annual cost of running school bus services, by having Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyse route data to identify efficiencies, without impacting journeys.

Children arrived safe and sound… And Suffolk allocated more funds to other areas.

So, what does a digital foundation look like?