An image of a traffic light showing red colour on the street
Chapter 6

Data, streetlights, and saving lives

Have you ever found yourself nagging the kids to turn the bathroom or bedroom light off?

Annoying, isn’t it?

First there’s the cost of lighting a room with no occupants. Then there’s the wasted energy.

Harrow Council reduced the cost of running streetlights by using embedded sensors.

Each lamp, connected through Artificial Intelligence sensors, sends collected environment data to cloud servers for analysis. The result is lights only turn on when necessary.

Having the right foundation is even a matter of life and death …

Sutton Council saved four lives by having data from linked sensors sent to emergency services.

The sensors track patterns and changes in a resident’s living environment.

When the temperature failed to rise beyond a point for a certain time, indicating a lack of movement or activity, alerts were raised.

A faster response time saved lives.