Chapter 2

A foundation for your imagination

Often, technology is brought in to control an aspect of how an organisation runs. To control an outcome.

But the problem with this one-dimensional approach, is that it constrains outcomes. And it limits what is possible.

Successful outcomes become bound by the limitations of technology.

But what if you removed the shackles of control?

What if you were limited only by your imagination?

Rather than use technology to control an outcome, build a digital foundation on which to add technology that allows you to solve any problem.

Sounds a little ‘far-out-there’, right?

Yet it’s not. It’s happening all around you.

For instance, Sunderland Council use Alexa-style assistive technology to enable residents, especially older generations, to stay in their homes rather than moving into the care system.

“Push notices alert someone to take their medicine. And sensors in the home alert others that a family member has put a kettle on, so they are up in the morning. It provides reassurance, and a safety mechanism, that alerts if you think something is wrong, but also gives independence to the individual.”

Patrick Melia Chief Executive