Chapter 1

Streamline operations to ramp growth and sustain profitability

Competing in the biotech, pharma, and medical device world means you have to be ready to handle volume before it hits. There is no time to be held back by spreadsheets and manual processes.

With HSO and Merit for Life Science, you’ve got the tools you need to increase manufacturing productivity, reduce time-to-market, and plan for and manage growth. You’ll be on pace to ride the momentum from start-up to commercial success – and do so in a way that makes good fiscal sense

All the tooling in place


  • Evaluate and implement appropriate funding models to reduce R&D expense burden via licensing arrangements or other partnerships to ensure tax efficiencies.
  • Make informed decisions about business development transactions.
  • Establish financial reporting standards for acquired entities or to prepare for acquisition
  • Transform your operations from disconnected silos to collaborative departments.
  • Improve your decisionmaking process with reliable, auditable accounting practices.


  • Electronically manage everything from materials evaluation and potency to equipment calibration and device/batch history records, across multiple modes of manufacturing.
  • Track the handling of raw materials throughout their preparation stage, capturing information about the process digitally and ensuring everything is auditable and done according to SOPs and specific batch requirements.
  • Implement a model-driven planning engine for realtime insights about when to order or produce certain materials and shorten order cycle time.
  • Digitally support tracking of material lot status to reduce human error and enforce software-driven controls for material lot status changesand material movements.
  • Split batches into multiple lots or sub lots to improve and manage downstream processing.
  • Use real-time data to maximize resources for the best production schedule outcome.
  • Reduce the complexity of tracking various parameters related to specific business processes, as well as employees’ training and certifications.
  • Deliver products on time with unprecedented accuracy.

Digital Experience

  • Digitalize your customers’ interactions with you organization, ensuring everything is done in secur and FDA-compliant manner.
  • Automate processes such as managing technical materials, specifications, sign offs and various
    other steps during the ‘customer readiness’ or ‘batch readiness’ phase.
  • Reduce cycle times and work processes between the time an order is placed and the time the production batch for that order can be processed.
  • Enable your team to work with the best and latest digitally enabled apps optimizing the management of processes across your organization. Do away with time consuming manual tasks and enable your employees to become more productive and joyful.
  • Transform some of your critical business process information into data which the system can use to recognize patterns, make better decisions and become even more efficient.