Image of 2 British police officers in high visibility yellow jacket
Chapter 3

Return on investment

Speaking again in the podcast, Janette McCormick said forces need to be ready to find efficiencies. In the aftermath of numerous high-profile problems, figures from the Office for National Statistics show that public confidence in the police is falling (8). It is essential to rebuild that trust, which, as we saw in Part 1, is fundamental to the way policing works in the UK.

Given the substantial investment in funds over the uplift period, she cautioned that forces must be aware they were operating in an environment of public scrutiny. It is essential to quickly deliver successful outcomes for the public, to demonstrate “Bang for Bucks.” She added that now is the right time for forces to be looking again at streamlining their processes and operations:

Productivity and efficiencies to fund extra investment in policing is the narrative.

Forward-thinking leaders and teams are looking again at how advances in ERP can be used to increase productivity throughout their force operations.