9 CX Disruptors

Meet the retailers and brands redefining experience

The shockwaves that blasted through the retail sector in the past two years have resulted in turmoil for many businesses. Some have been obliterated while many have had to grapple with new ways of doing business to survive.

At the same time, this new environment – an evolved consumer landscape with digital coming to the fore – has created the conditions for certain brands to thrive.

A new generation of disruptive businesses – start-ups as well
as more established brands – are successfully tapping into the new consumer psyche by delivering an exceptional customer experience and driving repeat purchases and long-term loyalty.

These brands are increasingly bypassing the traditional role of the retailer as an intermediary between supplier and buyer and going straight to the customer.

They share many of the same traits: the use of customer data to deliver a personalised service; the ability to build communities of loyal fans on social media; and a strong purpose and ethical mindset with sustainability especially high on the agenda.

As these innovators raise the bar for customer experience, other retailers and brands face getting left behind.

As Hector Hickmott, sales director at digital transformation specialist HSO, explains: “The pandemic has enabled those who have invested in the platforms, tools and capabilities to understand their customer and respond to them both digitally and remotely to thrive, whereas those that were a bit behind or not quite taking it seriously have come unstuck.”

By profiling some of the most disruptive consumer businesses currently operating in the UK and across the globe, this report, produced in partnership with HSO, will explore how a new breed of innovators has emerged during the pandemic and the customer experience strategies they are executing to drive loyalty.
In addition, it will examine the lessons more mainstream retailers can learn from this exciting new generation of consumer-obsessed brands.