Chapter 2

3 Reasons why CMOs are switching to Dynamics 365 Marketing

1. Best of Suite

The days of best-of-breed and integration are over. Now that functionality is about the same everywhere, it is best to put your native marketing tool on the most innovative and integrated platform. Your company needs to deliver maximum customer value in the shortest possible sustainable lead time while delivering the highest possible quality to customers and society. This will only succeed if you share real-time customer data with all business units. An integrated platform is a prerequisite for unifying and harmonising data. With this, you know your customer and learn how to entice them in the best possible way. This gives you more sophisticated up- and cross-sell opportunities. In other words: more functionality and future value.

2. Better Insights

Marketing data is only valuable if behavioural and transactional data speak to each other. With this insight and more correlations, you can create that rich 360-degree customer view you need. With Microsoft Power BI, you can make all data accessible, visual, and actionable. It’s easy to use, you get constant updates and innovations, and it connects hundreds of data sources. Insights are also essential to drive strategy. To do this all customer and prospect data needs to be easily digestible and accessible for CMOs to build into presentations - this data also helps them approve budgets.

3. Unrestricted Omnichannel Marketing

You want to meet your customers where they are, with the right message at the right time and on their preferred channel. Dynamics 365 Marketing offers advanced segmentation capabilities to any channel. So you have complete end-to-end visibility from LinkedIn to email, to websites and Instagram, to your customer service portal. If a customer success manager (CSM) is about to get on a call with the key account, they can go into the account record and see every touch point, every behavioural marketing activity, every purchase and every ticket that's been opened. On one platform, it’s all interconnected.

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