Chapter 1

The four major players at a glance

  • 1

    Adobe Marketing Cloud

    Adobe Marketing Cloud is like a Rolls-Royce with all the bells and whistles. It requires a specialized technical team to set up the tool properly for each situation. For users,
    it can be challenging to learn. It’s the most advanced marketing tool for enterprise businesses, but requires a big constant investment.

  • 2


    It was one of the best marketing automation tools for B2B marketing, especially for small SMBs. Support is rated as poor and the company lacks a long-term vision. Future investment in new functionality and integration lags behind the competition.

  • 3

    Dynamics 365 for Marketing

    Microsoft‘s solution is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft‘s ecosystem. This new kid on the block provides the prerequisite for unifying and harmonizing data, giving you more advanced up-sell and cross-sell capabilities. Advanced end-to-end functionality and future value are at your fingertips.

  • 4


    An easy to use all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support software. Best for smaller, B2B organizations up to 200 employees. Free, so perfect for setting up,
    but not for scaling up. Also: combining data sources is challenging. Not a real end-to-end CRM, missing native integration.