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Chapter 2

So, which solution do you choose?

Is integration a top priority?

If you want your marketing tool to integrate smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, choose Dynamics 365 for Marketing or ClickDimensions: these solutions are fully integrated with Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. However, ClickDimensions is moving away from Dynamics 365. With HubSpot you are dependent on integration partners, meaning extra costs for building a 360-degree customer. And Adobe Marketing is integrated through a mapping structure, which also requires extra effort.

Are your activities mainly B2B or B2C?

If your business focuses on B2B, the functionalities of ClickDimensions will help you well on your way. If you want to make use of very advanced functions to facilitate a complex B2C strategy as well, Adobe Marketing Cloud, HubSpot and Dynamics 365 for Marketing are better choices for you. These tools come with a higher price tag, but you do get a lot of innovation and support for your money, such as online communities, webinars and blogs.