Chapter 3

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Defined by its vision for innovative technologies and its strength in the area of personalised customer experiences.

Adobe has landed in Gartner’s Leader Quadrant for online marketing on numerous occasions. Quality, creativity and an innovative vision are three pillars that make Adobe‘s Marketing Cloud an interesting choice for the biggest companies.

Adobe is viewed as the Rolls-Royce of the four
applications based on its top scores in marketing strategy, innovation and customer experience. Adobe has been developing high-quality, advanced marketing tools at a rapid pace, which is reflected in the price and complexity which needs a specialised team. So, Adobe is only worth considering if you are a large company with operations and analytical activities at the highest level.


In 2023 Adobe was once again named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for various segments in the digital marketing industry. To maintain its strong position, Adobe has partnered with Microsoft. However, despite this partnership full integration is not yet possible. To connect the systems and share data, a mapping structure between the data tables needs to be devised.

When it comes to the possibilities for designing and personalising content and experiences, Adobe shines, surpassing other applications in these areas. This also holds true for email marketing and personalisation of mailshots. Many users have said that they see working with workflows as one of Adobe’s big advantages. These are easy to adjust, and easy to set up for both simple and complex tasks.


Adobe‘s numerous marketing modules result in a complex product architecture. The out-of-the-box version will need a lot of tuning to adjust it to your environment and requirements, which requires an additional technical support team. The Adobe Marketing Cloud also has a steep learning curve also lowering your short term ROI. Although it has a social media marketing feature, you cannot use it to send out a bulk posting. This solution also does not come cheap. The costs are high and there is no set price: quotes are based on customer needs.