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As a Microsoft Gold Partner, HSO has built a solid reputation implementing cloud projects on time and within budget.

Has your organization considered all the benefits that come with the Internet of Things? When speaking about IoT, we advise businesses to stay away from the hype and instead, focus on the practical implications.

Think of IoT as "a means to pull things into the scope of your business applications." Software and applications are traditionally focused on servicing your people and processes. However, with IoT you can now add your things- your machines, devices, cars, smart switches, and video-feeds (anything equipped with a sensor or RFID tag). This will connect your things to your applications, processes and people and will provide invaluable data. 

Why Microsoft Azure for IoT

The IoT with Microsoft Azure creates a wide range of possibilities to initiate or accelerate the innovation your business needs. Microsoft's Azure cloud platform allows you to build, deploy and manage applications quickly and more efficiently than traditional software, offering a wide range of services that are widely adaptable to your needs. You can even integrate Azure with your existing IT environment, giving you cloud benefits within your current IT environment. And with expertise in a number of business verticals, such as retail, equipment rental and manufacturing, HSO is your best bet to apply our Azure-based IoT methodology for your business.

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