Application Optimization

ERP implementation does not stop after the initial live running of the system. In many cases this is followed by a phased rollout to other business areas or even other countries.

HSO offers a wide range of system optimization products and services to make sure your system delivers maximum business benefit.


For many customers with multiple entities or businesses in several countries the implementation takes place in phases. HSO employs more than 250 people across Europe, North America and Asia, and our HSO International team can comfortably manage large multi-site implementations while providing the local support you need.


An ERP system provides a wealth of information, but presenting all this data in clear and useful reports and dashboards can be a challenge. The HSO Business Intelligence Suite, gives you the tools to create the management information you need.


The format and distribution methods for business documents often vary from customer to customer. Our HSO Output Management solution enables the creation, personalization and distribution of documents. Create your own professional-looking documents and easily customizable reports that can be distributed to the printer or by fax, email, XML or PDF.


More and more customers are using digitized purchase invoices. By eliminating manual processing, you can improve your control capabilities and significantly save on costs. HSO Purchase to Pay software enables fully digital processing of your invoices within Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Businesses need to share information and enable collaboration between employees, customers and suppliers. Microsoft SharePoint enables efficient collaboration and information sharing while allowing you to retain control over documents with a self-service portal.


Field workers need access to business information and processes in order to work efficiently. HSO offers the Dynamics Anywhere platform so employees can access real-time information through their mobile devices, enabling more efficient processes and reducing errors.


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