Automotive Aftermarket

Customers today are looking for a complete and seamless shopping experience - whether they are shopping in a store, through a catalog, call center or online. For retailers, that means you need to be more connected, more empowered and more proactive than ever.  

A major success in retail involves creating a seamless and delightful experience for your customer. With HSO for Automotive, you'll reduce the complexity of running your business and increase focus on your customers.  Delivered through Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, you'll gain enterprise-wide visibility, easy-to-use functionality and the flexibility to effectively manage all aspects of your supply chain and sales channels.

In addition to the powerful business and financial management functionality, HSO for Automotive provides:

  • Range Planning – Forecast future stock requirements to ensure stock availability without excessive mark-downs
  • Buying – Manage purchasing decisions and supplier communications
  • Sample Management - Manage the sampling process to reduce waste
  • Critical Path – Manage your critical path, by exception to ensure goods arrive in your business when needed
  • Distribution – Rationalize warehousing to manage cross docking, pick pack holds, allocations and store replenishment
  • Promotions – Reduce mark-downs with better range, replenishment and promotions management
  • Cross-Channel Customer Service – Provide seamless customer experience and engagement across all channels
  • Enterprise-wide - Centralized access to all store business information
  • Inventory - Real-Time visibility of inventory levels and location
  • Customer Retention - Advanced deal functionality to incorporate flexible discount building capability and loyalty program management

Point of Sale (POS) Integration

HSO for Automotive is further strengthened with robust point-of-sale (POS) functionality – resulting in optimized financial accounting, inventory management, webstore integration and much more.

Key POS functionality includes:

  • Item lookup by make and model
  • Substitute suggestions based on price and inventory levels
  • Transaction handling with opportunity for cross-sale
  • Integration with auto part blueprint solutions
  • Item reservation
  • Integration with web order management
  • Customer tracking of make, models and mileage
  • Access to any customer's transaction history
  • Vehicle job shop reservations
  • Gas container filling and empty case handling
  • Secure handling of payment clearing in front of customers 

Service Center Needs

HSO’s Automotive Aftermarket solution also offers key functionality for those retailers who also offer a full range of services, from sales through installation, in their in-house service centers or through partnerships with other service providers.          

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates the Retail and Service features to connect parts sales with installation, maintenance and diagnostic services, providing users with real-time access to information detailing appointments, waiting periods, garage visits, service types, and more. This fully integrated solution allows for the flexibility to serve an increasing variety of consumers. 

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