HSO is a leading provider of ERP and CRM software solutions for the multi-channel retail and distribution industries. From point of sale and delivery to social media insight and supply chain integration, HSO's solutions through Microsoft Dynamics 365 are the first choice for retailers who are looking for a purpose-built foundation covering all retail functions.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail 

Consumers today are looking for a complete shopping experience. HSO delivers the answer – complete enterprise retail management capabilities, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its foundation. Our integrated solutions help streamline multi-channel management, store operations, merchandising, financials, and more. The benefits for retailers:

  • Provides greater business insight
  • Enables you to operate with agility
  • Allows you to exceed customer expectations
  • Builds enduring customer loyalty
  • Reduces time to return on investment

Meeting the needs of the modern consumer requires business processes and systems that are seamless, cost effective, fast, flexible and 100% customer orientated. HSO provides the backbone that brings critical functions together – fully integrated into a single, comprehensive cloud solution.

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