Business environments have become increasingly competitive, placing a greater emphasis upon operational efficiency. Learn how HSO's technology solutions can delight your customers and increase your speed of doing business. 

By providing, integrating and supporting a series of innovative Microsoft enterprise solutions, HSO can help you achieve your business goals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

With 30 years of experience delivering successful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) projects, HSO is a valued Microsoft partner. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s consolidation of its primary productivity solutions, including Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP, will change the way we work. With Dynamics 365, insights, predictive intelligence and workflow optimization are delivered through easy-to-use mobile experiences with offline capabilities. Apps can be deployed independently, meaning you only pay for what you need, or work seamlessly together so that you can easily grow your business as and when you require. Due to its meticulous design, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be a seamless transition for anyone already using Dynamics CRM online or Dynamics AX online.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Deploying a customer service enhancing platform is imperative to drive loyalty and repeat business. If you don’t offer the service they want, your competitors will. Businesses must utilize all knowledge and insight available to provide an optimal customer experience.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can access detailed information around all prior engagement and interaction from sales, marketing and digital platforms to solicit information around how to deliver the experience your customer wants.

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Microsoft SharePoint

With the vast quantities of data being generated and applications used by modern businesses, having a centralized location for accessing and managing your documents allows your employees to find the information they need fast, allowing them to work efficiently.

The document management portal SharePoint allows you to take ownership of your information landscape, and harness the data generated from Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing your employees to derive maximum value from these innovative solutions.

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HSO Connect

Every Business has its own individual needs. HSO's solutions are custom designed to fill gaps and improve areas in your company's information processing wherever necessary. HSO Connect plays a key factor is unifying the networks of your different software's solution. This allows the easy transfer of key business data swiftly, and efficiently between all types of related company records.

HSO works to connect you with the information, people, and opportunities to help your business succeed.

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