Recovery Projects

Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 Recovery Projects

Large ERP implementations require vast amounts of trust and excellent relationships.  A new customer must believe that their partner will successfully implement their system to fully meet needs.

Occasionally, a new customer will choose a partner that is not a good fit for them and this can lead to a failed or incomplete implementation.  If you recognise this issue, you are taking the first step to saving your project. 

HSO are experienced in recovering failing or lost projects. 

HSO are proud to have many years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX in a wide range of diverse industries.  This makes us a highly capable, reliable and trustworthy partner for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers.  Many of our existing customers come from implementations made by other partners. 

Our extensive background has enabled us to leverage our skills to assist customers who are experiencing issues with their current Microsoft Dynamics AX partner. 

Some warning signs to look out for: 

  • Partner didn't complete a full discovery
  • Lack of strategic approach
  • Missed deadlines & budget checkpoints
  • Proposed ROI not materialising
  • Standard AX features missing

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics AX, HSO has the experience to deliver throughout the complete Lifecycle of the solution. 

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