Graphical Scheduling and Planning

HSO Graphical Planning and Scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides you with a real time overview of your planned capacity per resource and allows easy (drag and drop) modifications to the plan.

The Graphical Planning and Scheduling is integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics AX production and project modules as well as the HSO Service Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Furthermore, the planning solution is integrated with Microsoft’s solutions for Process Manufacturing as well as Professional Services.


Graphical Planning and Scheduling enables planners to work on 2 different screens, dragging orders from the unplanned order overview and drop/allocate them to a resource with capacity on another. The Graphical Planning and Scheduling provides a clear and detailed overview of all activities planned for your resources. Your planner can keep an eye on all relevant data presented on one screen which consists of  three sections

  • A filter and setup section for selecting the resources and the period to show
  • A graphical section where the capacity reservations are shown
  • data section which shows the detail of the reservations sorted per origin

The filter and setup section lets you decide which resources are to be shown over which period and how you want them to be visualised. Different planners can set their own preferences for their own resource selections.


The graphical section of the screen allows you to view and actually optimise the planning. It is easy to drag a job to another time or resource (if permitted). Details per  job are readily available by zooming in (production route, project etc…). Graphical Planning and Scheduling manages the capacity reservations from the production control module, the master planning module, the project management and counting module as well as the service/maintenance management module from HSO.

Microsoft Dynamics HSO

Graphical planning for production and graphical planning for projects


Each production order or project is displayed with its own colour for easy recognition of related reservations and additional information per reservation is displayed in the graphical overview. From here, you can also easily create calendar deviations (e.g. holidays). The colour definition of the production order and the project activities can be defined on multiple levels, such as customer, item, project, etc.

Graphical planning and scheduling also allows the user to define their own text on the scheduled activities as well as the tooltip that is shown when hover over the different scheduled activities. For human resources, it is possible to register planned absence with reference to a project so follow up and registration is possible.


The data part gives you the details on the capacity reservations and the access to the functions associated with this data. For production orders, releasing and starting can be done from the planning overview. You also have immediate access to the required materials and the posted transactions. In addition to this, a production operation can be locked in place to prevent it from being moved. The planner also has the overview on the jobs that are likely to finish too late.


This information is based on HSO Graphical Planning & Scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and AX2012. The solution is available in multiple languages.

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