Retail Whitepapers

Boosting Productivity and Performance in Retail with Positive Employee Engagement 

Shopping habits are in a state of constant change. As a result, o is the role of the physical store – and its employees. The more savvy retailers understand the need to be flexible, adaptable, and innovative in order to survive. They also know that amongst their best assets are their people.

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Retail Convenience: Opportunities for the Empowered Retailer  

Today’s consumers want everything on-demand. They’re time-sensitive, hungry for efficiency, and in need of high-quality experiences. Read our whitepaper to learn the importance of retail convenience, and discover how you can provide a personalised, consistent service in order to stay competitive.

Download: Retail Convenience: Opportunities for the Empowered Retailer 

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming Retail

One of the biggest opportunities for competitive advantage in today’s tough retail environment is Artificial Intelligence (AI) which looks set to transform the entire shopping experience over the next few years. As such, retailers predict they will invest heavily in relevant AI tools to improve operations and enrich the customer experience.

In this whitepaper, we look at how retailers are using AI applications to stay ahead of the curve today, and what innovations are being pioneered as potential retail game-changes over the next few years.

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Transforming retail for the digital age

How to reinvent the customer journey and rewrite the business of retail

As digital transformation takes over the world, retailers everywhere need to change to survive, developing new capabilities that can drive competitiveness and growth. But what does this really involve and how do you succeed? In this paper, we discuss the opportunities for the retail industry to grow, adapt, and evolve to address the changing needs of customers and capture new business potential, and how Dynamics 365 can help accelerate digital transformation. 

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How technology can help retailers boost productivity

Productivity is notoriously difficult to measure. But for retailers, it’s vital for the wellbeing of their business.

In a commercial environment where profit margins continue to be squeezed, and new players are constantly emerging, productivity is not only a key performance indicator but a potential game-changer in terms of retaining competitive advantage. 

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The #1 rule merchant distributors should follow to prosper in an uncertain market

We live in a time of increased uncertainty. Brexit looms over all UK businesses regardless of industry, and the recent election managed to further divide the Government.

This uncertainty has sent shockwaves across the UK economy and the value of the Pound against the Euro has plummeted to 1111 – as of writing this in August 2017. A lack of clarity over future immigration policy means industries reliant on non-UK workers, such as the construction industry, are hesitant to commit to growth.. 

Download: Merchant distributor rules to follow

6 Ways To Deliver Unique In-store Experiences Using Mobile Technology

Ecommerce increased its share of the worldwide retail market by over 1% in 2016 and now makes up 8.7% of all retail sales.

Interestingly, though, 72% of digital shoppers still consider the in-store experience the most important part of shopping - despite their frustrations with physical stores.

This whitepaper explores 6 ways to deliver unique in-store experiences using mobile technology.

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Smart Supply Chain Utilisation Helps Retailers to Compete

The expansion of the retail industry across a new digital frontier has made it a challenging market place for many retailers to adapt to, with 12% of the total value of the £358 billion UK retail sales in 2016 coming through online sales (projected to increase 10% in 2017).

This whitepaper takes a look at how intelligent supply chain management allows retailers to compete by enabling shorter lead times and making them more agile in their ability to respond to customer demand.

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Fast Fashion: Speed to Market in the Retail Fashion Industry

The fashion retail industry moves at breakneck speed meaning you need to do more than just react, you need to anticipate future trends.

This whitepaper takes a look at how technologies such as ERP and CRM can help you improve responsiveness and agility in bringing new lines to market, fast.

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Respond to changing retail customer with Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin.

In this whitepaper, we highlight some of the quick wins that can be made in order to survive as a retailer in today's modern climate. We cover: the changing retailer, challenges in retail, the golden combination of transactional and relational data with Dynamics 365 and quick wins in Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Bringing transformative technology to retailers

With Dynamics 365, you can now deploy a complete solution to run your entire retail operation or deploy specific business functions with the option to expand into others later. Due to its modular structure you can start with the components most critical to your business and proceed at a pace that’s right for you.

At the same time, Dynamics 365 gives you familiar productivity tools that provide built-in insights and business intelligence. This whitepaper takes a look at the development of Dynamics 365 and the impact it is likely to have on retail organisations of all sizes.

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5 Proven Omni-Channel Engagement Strategies To Increase The Loyalty Of Your Customers

With footfall decreasing in high-street stores and eCommerce increasing its share of the worldwide retail market up to 8.7% in 2016; projected to reach 14.6% by 2020; many people are clamouring to announce time-of-death for the retail industry.

While it’s true that the rise of online shopping is increasing competition and helping independent shops compete on a level playing field, it’s also providing fantastic opportunities for those able to improve omni-channel engagement.

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HSO Consumer Retail Survey - The Results

The future of retail lies in omni-channel consumer engagement. For retailers this means that in order to drive sales and loyalty, they need to have a single view of the customer across every channel whether it’s in-store, online or on social media. View these insights and more now by reading through the results of our Consumer Retail Survey, to learn about the direction of today's retail industry.

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Is your technology ready for the rush this Christmas?

To deliver a seamless shopping experience, retailers are dependent on connected systems to provide real-time information and a comprehensive view of consumer buying behaviour and trends.

In this retail paper you'll find out how advanced retailers are capitalising on this years rush with modern technology.

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How to achieve the optimal stock level to meet seasonal fluctuations in demand

Download this Whitepaper to learn 4 good tactics and strategies to ensure optimal stock before, during, and after a season. See how to keep costs low, whilst continuously delivering a high service level to your customers.

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Revolutionising the role of the merchansider


Merchandising has changed, driven largely by the ability for retailers to control data insight at their disposal and make decisions based around historical behavior and real-time engagement. It's become less a roll based on intuition, but more about using insight at their disposal to improve business processes for the benefit of the end customer and ultimately the retailer. This whitepaper discusses the topic in more detail.

Read more in our Retail merchandiser whitepaper

Advanced Data Analytics in Retail

To help retailers keep pace with customers who want a more personalised shopping experience across devices, today’s advanced analytics solutions offer retailers a path to create the service that customers want, where they want it, resulting in better retention, improved sales performance and competitive advantage. This whitepaper looks at how data analytics can help retailers leverage customer data to achieve a connected service delivery.

Read more in our Advanced Data Analytics in Retail Whitepaper

Building a Retail future on firm foundations

What customers expect from a retailer today is now fundamentally different to what they would have expected five or ten years ago. They expect to pick up their mobile phone and find that retailer well represented online. They expect to see them on Facebook or elsewhere on social media. How connected are your experiences?

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How can you inspire loyalty from your customers?

Companies with omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89%. This whitepaper takes a look at some of the successful initiatives that retailers have employed to drive omni-channel engagement.

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Technology that supports every link in the Retail Supply Chain

As the consumer, your only concern is whether you can find what you want in store or if your online order turns up on time; not a thought is given to the processes involved in fulfilling those aims. The logistics required to get merchandise to the right place at the right time is based on intertwined processes that lead up to the purchase point. This whitepaper looks at the technology involved.

Read more in our Retail Supply Chain Whitepaper

The Importance of Personalisation in Retail

Today’s shopper has instant access to product and pricing information and can switch allegiance at the click of a button. As customer expectations and engagement behaviour are continuously changing, retailers have been forced to adapt or risk falling behind their competitors.

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How a single commerce platform can enable multi-channel retail sales

A single omni-channel commerce platform brings with it the capabilities needed to compete in the fast-moving retail marketplace. In this whitepaper, we analyse the new retail landscape and review the changing behaviour of shoppers and show how forward-thinking retailers are using technology to engage and retain consumers.

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How retailers can avoid the post Christmas blues

Traditionally, retailers have relied on New Year sales to counteract the post-Christmas blues. In this whitepaper, we discuss how ERP technology strategies retailers can adopt to smooth the dip and continue to entice the savvy shopper.

Read morein our Avoiding the post-Christmas Retail Slump Whitepaper