Manufacturing Whitepapers


Taking the first step towards Warehouse Automation, with Guided put-away

The current industry environment is one where customer demand continues to grow. Instant availability, tailored products, everything on-demand, and error free service are all expected at low cost. To reverse the current productivity decline and meet customer demand, manufacturers must look at ways in which they can streamline operations.

Download: Taking the first step towards Warehouse Automation, with Guided Put-Away


Gain greater value from your factory assets with predictive maintenance 

Poorly planned maintenance strategies can reduce a typical plant’s overall productivity by as much as 20%, while recent studies confirm that unplanned downtime is costing industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion every year. This puts the focus on efficient and timely maintenance to support a productive manufacturing operation. By keeping equipment in good condition – and downtime to a minimum – organisations can realise greater value from their assets and investments, for less cost.


Data is the new gold: How the power of information can transform your manufacturing business

Digitisation is changing the face of manufacturing; though it’s been met with mixed feelings by manufacturers themselves. Despite its significant and well-publicised benefits, many businesses remain sceptical and view it as a thorn in their side and even a disruption to everyday operations.

Read our latest whitepaper and see why and how data is the new gold and how it can transform your business.

Download:  How the power of information can transform your manufacturing business

Thoughts on global workforce transformation in the Industry 4.0 era

Today's disruptive forces are not limited to technology; one of the most critical disruptions in manufacturing is happening around the global workforce. this is a top-of-mind, high-priority topic at Microsoft as they look to empower their customers and partners to deal with challenges of the present and the future. in this whitepaper, Microsoft share thoughts on how the global workforce will be impacted by ongoing trends, as well as ideas around how three core groups - manufacturers, employees, and the industry at large (IT companies, large enterprises, education institutions, policy makers, government, etc), can prepare for this massive transformation.

Download:  Thoughts on global workforce transformation in the Industry 4.0 era


Why running smart factories is good for business

Smart factories are changing the face of manufacturing.  Using connected devices, intelligent insight and automated processes, organisations can produce more, and better products in less time, for less money.  But does it sound too good to be true?  

This e-book describes why, against a backdrop of rapidly advancing technologies and intensifying competition, commercial success depends on working smarter.  This is particularly poignant for industries like manufacturing.   

Download:  Why running smart factories is good for business


The Rise of CRM and How it's Transforming Manufacturing Businesses

Customer loyalty pays dividends. A recent survey conducted by Marketing Charts found the best way to create customer loyalty is to provide exceptional service; 24/7. This whitepaper takes a look at how a CRM system can do just that for Manufacturers. that the 

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Manufacturing and Industry 4.0: Then, now and in the future

Industry 4.0 has long been a buzzword in the world of manufacturing, rising to prominence in 2011 as part of an initiative to enhance German competitiveness in the global manufacturing market - although it was then “Industrie 4.0”.

In this whitepaper we look at how Industry 4.0 has changed the manufacturing industry and what changes are still to come.

Download: Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

HSO Partner: Guest Whitepaper

Increasing sales, ensuring profitability, and retaining clients.  These are some of the most common challenges we hear about from our manufacturing customers and prospects. We are entering the next Industrial Revolution, the Digital age, so there has never been a better time to take advantage of the Digital transformation opportunity to drive your growth to the next level.  

This e-book describes how e-commerce can help manufacturers overcome the new challenges they face and capitalise on the many opportunities afforded by new technologies.

Download: SANA Guest Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Bringing transformative technology
to manufacturers

Manufacturing has changed dramatically in recent years with the focus on the customer throughout the production process rather than just at the end. Now there is an ongoing need to develop a relationship with the consumer. This whitepaper takes a look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is eliminating data silos and giving manufacturers familiar productivity tools that provide an organisation-wide consistent view of customers, suppliers and partners.

Download: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Bringing transformative technology
to manufacturers

Whitepaper: The key to servitisation success

Fabrizio Battaglia, Head of Manufacturing at HSO Enterprise Solutions, explains the vital role that ERP (enterprise resource planning) software can play for engineer-to-order manufacturing companies wanting to increase revenues through value-added services, commonly referred to as servitisation.

Download our latest Servitisation whitepaper here

Distribution - Staying ahead of the game in today's digital era

Business of all shapes and sizes now have access to cost-effective transformative technology, so where does the differentiation happen? This whitepaper looks at how companies can stand-out in this era of digital transformation, using IT to support business innovation and growth, and empower core business functions from operations and finance, to marketing and sales.

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Manufacturers are already using the predictive analytics of ERP to gain competitive advantage,
and now they’re turning to machine learning to further enhance this function
This whitepaper explores how machine learning, in conjunction with ERP, can help manufacturers bring about business process improvements and greater productivity as a result.



According to predictions from IDC, 65% of manufacturers will have metrics in place to evaluate and drive pervasive changes in the workplace with their new technology investments by the end of 2016. This whitepaper looks at 10 ways manufacturers are using cloud computing to revolutionise their industry.



As customer expectations drive demand, manufacturers must continue to innovate to stay ahead of the game and remain compelling. Technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT) have the potential to radically improve visibility in manufacturing. In fact, many industry commentators are predicting that IoT will herald the dawn of smart manufacturing.


How Can Companies Overcome the Manufacturing Skills Gap?

In this whitepaper, we discuss the skills gap that the manufacturing industry faces. With global supply chains, empowered customers and highly intuitive Enterprise Resource Planning systems, fast and continual changes has left the industry calling for more skilled workers, that currently are hard to find.

Read more of our How Can Companies Overcome the Manufacturing Skills Gap?

Servitisation 3: Creating a balanced revenue stream with Servitisation

In our previous whitepaper, we discussed the need to transform from a product supplier to a total supplier and the steps that should be avoided when undertaking this process. In our latest whitepaper here, we discuss the important aspects of a successful transformation. Download it now below.

Read more of our Servitisation 3 Whitepaper


Supply Chain Management: Taking Control With Technology

Today's manufacturers have evolved from traditional methods of manufacturing and selling products; their supply chains are usually global, and their suppliers have become business partners.

Read more of our Supply Chain Management Whitepaper


Servitisation Part 2: How to reap the benefits of a servitisation strategy

The world in which manufacturers operate is changing rapidly.

Your customers demand value and this requires you to make strategic changes to your business, and moving from product to service provider is key.

Read more of our Servitisation 2 whitepaper

Servitisation Part 1: How manufacturers can put the customer first

A servitisation strategy ensures a stable revenue stream because profits are made through service contracts on all products sold.

In this whitepaper, we discuss what manufacturers need to consider when introducing a servitisation strategy and the focus on implementing it is a strategic change to the entire organisation into becoming a total solution provider.

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The benefits of servitisation for manufacturers

The benefits of servitisation are difficult for manufacturers to ignore. Many are expanding their business operations to offer services and solutions that complement and add value to their core product offerings. This approach gives them the opportunity to improve customer service and increase revenue growth. This whitepaper looks at the positive impact sevitisation can have on a manufacturers revenue stream.

Download: The benefits of servitisation for manufacturers

Smoothing the manufacturing reshoring transition

It seemed like a good idea at the time. A decade or so ago, offshoring appeared the only way forward. There were reports of overhead cuts of around three-quarters and many manufacturers believed they had no choice but to make the move to remain competitive. But how things change.

Download: Smoothing the manufacturing reshoring transition

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Business Project Services

The increasing complexity of installations, new legislation and regulations and demand for cheaper sustainable solutions. These are only a few examples illustrating the turbulence you have to deal with in your industry.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Asset Rental 

Rental companies play a crucial role in nearly all supply chains. By responding promptly and flexibly to customer needs, rental companies are able to provide temporary solutions that contribute qualitatively to the success of its clients.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Asset Rental

Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile Field Services

We understand your need to streamline operations when facing increased competition and cost-cutting initiatives. We realize to maintain competitive advantage, you must accomplish more with less staff, while customers continue to demand higher service levels.

Read more about HSOs Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile Field Services 

Microsoft Dynamics AX Service Management

In challenging economic and competitive climates it is easy to view service as a cost center and to cut back the tools and infrastructure necessary to support service business growth. 

Read more about HSOs Microsoft Dynamics AX Service Management


Microsoft Dynamics AX Maintenance Management

In the world of maintenance management, the need to streamline operations when facing the need for maximizing return on assets and cost-cutting initiatives is well known.

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