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The lights are on green for Augmented Reality in field service

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important for Field Service organisations.

After all, that's how  you distinguish yourself from the competition.  The rising popularity of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Field Service is therefore no surprise.  After all, they both contribute towards improving your service.  However, they also deliver high returns throughout many other areas in your business.  Find out more. 

Download:  The lights are on green for Augmented Reality in field service 


Secure your future with IT modernisation:  Realising the business value of IT optimisation and innovation 

By the end of 2018, business are estimated to spend nearly $1.3 trillion on digital transformation technologies.  

The more ambitious organisations will know that transitioning can help them become faster and smarter in day-to-day operations as well as decision making and delivery.  Companies that fail to modernise risk falling behind their market competitors. Overcoming the challenges associated with implementing an IT modernisation strategy is a vital first step.  

Download:  Secure your future with IT modernisation



The Future of Field Service Management: Advancing Market Trends and Emerging Technologies 


Today’s Field Service Management (FSM) landscape is undergoing major change. Due to technological advances and market changes, what used to be an industry centred on break/fix models has moved into software support, network services, remote and mobile service provision, and self-help.

Download: The Future of Field Service Management: Advancing Market Trends and Emerging Technologies



5 of Your Biggest Dynamics Challenges Answered

Disruption causes deep damage to business.  Typically, CIO's and IT Managers within organisations spend their time constantly juggling resources to "keep the lights on" and ensure operations are running as best they can.  Their capacity to add value to the business depends on systems working optimally, and their nightmares begin when this is disrupted.  

Download:  HSO Managed Services | 24/7 Business availability that works the way that you do. 


CRM in ERP or specialised Customer Engagement Software? 

For a long time, it was possible to stand out through Operational Excellence.  All it took to satisfy the customer was to deliver orders quickly, offer good-quality products and institute a reliable returns policy.  The world has changed significantly.  Streamlining your processes will no longer make you stand out.  Actually, that's the very least the customer expects of you.  It's no longer about meeting customer expectations, it's about exceeding them.   


Download: From Operational Excellence to Customer Intimacy

Future proof your service organisation

How to make smart use of the Internet of Things and predictive maintenance

As a consumer, you know how frustrating it can be when a service engineer arrives with you without prior knowledge of the issue or the right tools to solve the problem. Situations like this, result in you having to wait longer for a solution and losing valuable time. It does not have to be difficult to get the right data to the right engineer, so you can be helped as a customer, right? In this whitepaper we focus on the ever-increasing customer expectations, the challenges these bring to field service operations and provide you with solutions to transform into a future-proof service organisation.

Download: Future proof your service organisation 

Rejuvenate your business: make your move from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365

Adopting any new enterprise technology can simplify and rejuvenate your business processes, but the physical act of implementing it can have negative consequences if not managed well.

If you’re already a user of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 or 2012, you’re not looking at such a major infrastructure shift. The key to success is in the initial planning and design phases, and in identifying potential risks before they can impact the project.

Download: Moving from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365

Cloud Adoption & Risk Reporting 2016

Based on findings from actual usage data from over 30 million users worldwide, in this report, SkyHigh identifies the types of sensitive data stored in cloud services, how that data is shared within organisations and with outside partners, and how risky employee behaviour can expose data.

Download: Cloud Adoption & Risk Report 2016

Dynamics 365: Leading the Future of Field Service

4 ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency with IoT. Field service management teams want to keep costs down, while improving their customer service relationships. This can be hard for organisations in any industry—often, reducing costs hurts customer relationships—but IoT provides a way for field service organisations to achieve this goal.

Download: Dynamics 365: Leading the Future of Field Service

Digital transformation: The age of innocence, inertia or innovation?

We have arrived at a significant moment in time – the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution". The key objective for this report is to better understand how UK organisations are thinking about the disruption of digital transformation, and their respective journeys to embrace it now.

Download: Digital transformation: The age of innocence, inertia or innovation?

How to make social selling work for your organisation

Social selling has evolved considerably in the last eighteen months since we published our last whitepaper on the subject. In 2015, thought leaders  aimed to convince organisations about the value of social selling and establish a broadly accepted definition of the term. The questions being raised and answered were: What is social selling? Why aren’t more salespeople selling this way? How do we implement it?

Download the Social Selling whitepaper here

Capture - Microsoft Dynamics CRM ERP Software From HSO

Become the leader of the pack with Microsoft Dynamics 365

There is no getting away from it, digital transformation is part of every industry. The question is, will you be left standing or will you be the one to leave your competition behind? It is a matter of seeing digital opportunities, embracing them and taking advantage of them to bring about change. Organisations capable of this will be the market leaders of tomorrow.

Download our latest Dynamics 365 whitepaper here

The business value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the new cloud based solution from in which Dynamics CRM and AX have been married and packaged with Office 365, PowerBI and Azure services.



The Secret to Better Forecasting: 6 Steps to Increase the Accuracy of Your Forecasts

Precise inventory management is a by-product of the ability to tactfully oversee forecasting. But, what’s the trick to ensure that your forecasting is as close to accurate as it can be? In our latest whitepaper, we explore six steps to progressing the efficiency of your forecasts..

Download The Secret to Better Forecasting: 6 Steps to Increase the Accuracy of Your Forecasts

5 recommendations for dealing with an exploding assortment

For omni channel retailers, keeping up with exploding ranges and spiraling inventory levels is a constant battle When you consider that the likes of Alibaba and Amazon provide literally millions of different products, it seems that the-sky-is-the-limit when it comes to assortments. Furthermore, many of these items can now be delivered anywhere at any time.

Download 5 recommendations for dealing with an exploding assortment

Going beyond the 80 20 rule

How much do you really know about your assortment? Do you know which items offer the greatest return or which are most important to your customers? Equally, do you know which items are costing you money? This Whitepaper highlights 5 top tips to help boost the profitability of your assortment, minimise risk and help you manage inventory more effectively.

Download Going beyond the 80 20 rule

How can retailers win the war on waste

In order to reduce waste from the supply chain, some retailers have started incentivising customers to buy “wonky” fruit & veg while others have gone as far as giving out free fridges fitted with cameras to prevent customers from accidentally over-purchasing. While a large portion of food waste is caused by the end consumer, do such solutions really tackle true underlying causes of waste?

Download How can retailers win the war on waste

6 reasons why ERP can help food manufacturers future-proof their business

ERP can help support the growth of businesses by providing a single platform for collecting, storing and retrieving company-wide real time business management data. The following whitepaper highlights 6 key reasons why ERP can increase productivity, minimise errors, and lower cost.

Download the 6 reasons how ERP can help food manufacturers grow their business

Super-Charging your ERP system for the future

Research by IDC shows that the cloud can lower hosting costs by up to 75% and cut deployment by up to 95%. The benefits of moving to the cloud appear clear. The good news is that today's advanced ERP solutions are now cloud ready. Read how the case for turning to the latest ERP stacks up.

Download the Super-Charging your ERP system for the future

Introduction to the new Dynamics AX

The new Dynamics AX brings with it a host of new features. This white paper takes a look at the latest ERP solution to hit the market and what its new features could mean for businesses thinking to adopt the newest version.

Download the Introduction to the new Dynamics AX

Choosing the right ERP implementation strategy

ERP implementations, by their very nature, have far reaching implications for the business as a whole. Impacting on the way that processes weave through the different departments and functions.

In this whitepaper, we delve into the two primary ERP implementation strategies, and discusses the merits of Big Bang and Phased approaches.

Read more of our ERP implementation strategy guide

HSO Total Care Brochure

Microsoft Dynamics AX is of strategic importance to your organisation. It is therefore imperative that, besides support in the event of disruptions, your business-critical software is always available. To ensure availability, your application needs continuous monitoring, while all components in your environment require regular checking, purging and updating.

Read more of the HSO Total Care Brochure

HSO Performance Review

The Performance Review for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a proactive service designed to deliver proactive problem identification. It can also be used in order to guarantee that the optimum performance level has been achieved, even in scenarios where performance issues are not recurring.

Read more of the HSO Performance Review