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Kohler wins HSO Innovator award at enlightening and forward-looking HSO Advance 2017

The announcement of the global manufacturer, Kohler, as the winner of this year’s HSO Technology Innovator award was the climax of a highly-successful HSO Advance customer day recently held at the Microsoft Campus, Reading, UK. Fighting off stiff competition from across the HSO UK customer base, Kohler was named HSO Innovator of the Year for its inspiring work. This includes not just its recent implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Office 365 over SAP to improve its communications systems, but also for its leadership in product development and its innovative approach to staff culture. Read more

Get ready for robolution

Manufacturing Robolution

We are approaching a time when artificial intelligence and robotic systems will not only surpass humans in carrying out labour intensive and high-precision tasks, but also become ‘smart’ and able to come up with ideas, designs and solutions. Read more

3 Smart Industry quick wins for technical service providers

From the Internet of Things to Big Data and Predictive Analytics, there are many changes in store for technical service providers. One thing is certain: with all the technological developments happening right now – Internet of Things, Big Data, Predictive Analytics – there are many changes in store for technical service providers. Read more

HSO Guest Whitepaper - SANA Commerce

Increasing sales, ensuring profitability, and retaining clients. These are some of the most common challenges we hear about from our manufacturing customers and prospects.

We are entering the next Industrial Revolution, the Digital age, so there has never been a better time to take advantage of the Digital transformation opportunity to drive your growth to the next level. Read more

Industrial Robots and E-Commerce: Beyond Drone Delivery

Industrial Robots and E-Commerce: Beyond Drone Delivery

Why did the robot cross the road? To deliver a pizza. At least, if it’s one of the London-based Starship Technologies robots being rolled out in Germany and the Netherlands*. According to a report by the Boston Consultancy Group, autonomous robots are one of nine technologies driving Industry 4.0**, and it’s clear that they’re set to have a big impact on consumer expectations when it comes to order fulfilment. Read more

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