Data is the new gold 

Industry 4.0 is providing companies with more data than ever before. Making it difficult to interpret the information in a timely and intelligent manner so that you can make improved decisions on customer demand, delivery, performance and production costs.



The Builders Merchant of the Future

As consumer expectations change and new technologies evolve, digital transformation is necessary to improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiency.

Let’s look at how new and emerging technologies will transform the day-to-day operations of a builders merchant.


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The Future Is Now: how connected field service can move your business forward

Your customers may have gone digital, but have you? In today’s field services industry, you need to use smart technology to achieve faster resolution times and deliver a connected customer experience.

Yet many businesses are failing to realise the potential of automation and are facing the repercussions as their customers look elsewhere.

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Infographic: Factory Of The Future

Welcome to... The Factory of the Future. Smart factories are changing the face of manufacturing. Underpinned by 'Industry 4.0' - the Fourth Industrial Revolution - intelligent machines enable organisations around the world to produce more, higher quality inventory, in less time and lower cost.

By communicating with and learning from each other, with minimal human involvement, machines connect devices, generate insights and automate processes to improve business outcomes, across the board.

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Infographic: The Store Of The Future

Creating the ultimate shopping experience. The store of the future is not physical or virtual but a combination of the two, encompassing each step of a shopper's journey from browsing through to purchase.

For retailers, the customer experience is one that encompasses the high street store, online ordering and everything in between- because for shoppers, it’s all about receiving a high level of personalised and innovative service at every point of interaction.

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Today’s digitally empowered customers are in control of the retail relationship and crave exceptional shopping experiences which the multi-channel strategies of the past are failing to deliver. Omni-channel enables retailers to gain back control by providing seamless and consistent engagement experiences across all channels from web, mobile and social to the physical store. This makes a fundamental difference when it comes to building customer advocacy – you’re providing the consumer with the same level of service, however and whenever they choose to shop.



In an industry where efficiency provides a competitive edge, cloud solutions align closely with manufacturer needs.

Cloud technology is a perfect fit for manufacturing due to its scalable and cost-effective structure, and manufacturers consider breakthroughs here among the most important aspects of strengthening their competitive edge.*

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HSO 2016 Retail Infographic

Following several years of turbulence, the retail industry is hitting back; hard. Buoyed by the adoption of online shopping and integration with in-store to create a truly multi-channel offering retailers are opening new shopping channel and with it additional revenue opportunities.

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