Microsoft Dynamics for Cosmetics, Health and Beauty

Few industries have been influenced by the rise of the internet and establishment of online shopping as much as health and beauty. Physical stores are coming under increasing pressure to adapt and keep up with online retailers.

Connected Retail Management

Purchasing behaviours are becoming increasingly altered by online offers and promotions, with the health and beauty sector being influenced by numerous online bloggers and review sites. With customers taking these words as gospel, negative reviews and online sentiment can be detrimental to sales in both the short and long term.

By providing a holistic view of health and beauty operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you develop a connected business environment; one that delivers customer insight rapidly to enhance the shopping experience, and mitigates the effect of any negative online sentiment before it spreads like wildfire.

Empower your Cosmetics, Health and Beauty business with Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Cross channel - engage new customers with innovative purchasing channels such as pop-up stores and click and collect
  • Supply chain - ensure wide product ranges are constantly fulfilled to always deliver in line with customer requirement
  • Recipe Management - control production for quality assurance and safe human consumption
  • Pricing management - keep abreast of competitors movements around your price points to offer customers the best price commercially viable 

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