Microsoft Dynamics for Consumer Goods (FMCG)

The development of multi-channel is empowering the operations of FMCG retailers, allowing them to interact with customers online, in-store and on the move.

Industry Specific FMCG Retailer Solution

FMCG is particularly well adapted for the multi-channel world of retail. Consumers expect to be able to interact, research and buy online, in the high street and on the go. By connecting all retail channels with Microsoft Dynamics 365, FMCG retailers can deliver a consistent experience to customers at all times.

By making it easier to order, purchase and engage with the business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can support your organisation to deliver an enviable customer experience that will set you apart from a vast sea of competition in the retail sector.

HSO help FMCG management with:

  • Cross Channel - recruit new customers and generate revenue opportunities across both well established and emerging digital, mobile channels
  • Supply Chain - make the most of demand opportunities by ensuring inventory is where it needs to be
  • Call Centre - integrate both inbound and outbound calls with all other retail channels
  • Product Information Management - manage developing product data for customer consumption
  • Pricing Management - manipulate product costs to drive product margins and retain demand to optimise profits

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