Microsoft Dynamics for Warehouse & Distribution

Retailers can only sell as much stock as they have available, placing significance upon the responsiveness and connectivity between warehouse and distribution functions with the wider business. Nothing will frustrate head office more than a store out of stock when the warehouse is full.

Unlock distribution with Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 providing real-time updates to stock availability at the point of sale, warehousing and distribution teams can forecast what inventory will need to be dispatched and when, ensuring that stores will always be able to meet customer demand.

By linking physical and online stores, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help retailers to distribute stock effectively to place product in the channels where it sells best.

Leverage retail warehousing and distribution with:

  • Cross Channel - seamless management of stock replenishment, online deliveries and returns cross channel, cross country
  • Space Management - optimise warehouse space through planning tools to hold as much inventory as possible
  • Critical Path Management - enhance the efficiency of the most important elements in your supply chain to ensure swift product delivery to store and customer
  • Carrier Integration and Transport Management - deep understanding of delivery lead times to inform retail stores and online customer

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