Microsoft Dynamics for Finance & HR

In an increasingly competitive retail market, incremental gains in efficiency and productivity in operations can be the difference between standing still and scalable growth.

Increase Retail Finance and HR productivity

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 your retail operations can profit from integrated real-time financial data, helping to align finance, operations and strategy to achieve business profitability.

By tracking revenue, expenditure and cash flow at all times, retailers can have a constant, real-time understanding of business performance via the Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance ledger and accounts payable modules.

Incorporating exchange rate adjustments for international retail operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the accurate business information to monitor capability and performance across the board.

Empower your Finance operation with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Rapid adoption - integration with the familiar Microsoft Office suite and Outlook for simple analysis of reporting
  • Financial Regulation - remain compliant with international tax and annual reporting legislations across international markets
  • Retail focused - integrated modules designed for retail finance operations including bank reconciliation, fraud prevention and returns accounting

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