Microsoft Dynamics for Mail Order

Retailers face challenges around identifying the route of website visits and online purchases. Is it the influence of catalogue mailing, or traffic generated via SEO and PPC strategies?

Sophisticated retail with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Although a migration to online marketing is clear, direct catalogue marketing still has a role to play in the retail sector. This is an established channel for a generation who view mail order as a convenient way to shop. Therefore, it is crucial for retailers to integrate mail ordering from retail catalogues as part of their multi-channel operation.

By introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365, HSO supports retailers to make mail order an efficient element of the sales funnel, and ensure it keeps pace with the order processing and delivery times offered by online-only retailers.

Empowered mail order and catalogue retail:

  • Catalogue management - rapid development of new content and distribution to tie in with new product lines and product initiatives
  • Managed returns policy - make it easier for customers to return goods as part of a winning service
  • Fulfilment management - connected order confirmation and warehouse to move sales along the supply chain

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