Microsoft Dynamics for Franchises

Retailers must operate in a fast and flexible manner to fulfil and offer engagement across the full breadth of platforms as part of a truly multi-channel retail offering.

Transform your franchise channel with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Taking responsibility for this is critical for franchised businesses, with a need to meet both customer and franchisor requirements a pressing issue. Franchises may want to offer various promotions and discounts to customers, or make changes to satisfy demand, but this must be cleared by the parent company. Therefore, a fast, flexible approach to retail operations is the key to success.

By using Microsoft Dynamics 365, franchised retailers can connect with head office and customers to fulfil both their needs. By fitting seamlessly into the parent company’s supply-chain, franchises will be best placed to constantly replenish stock fast to always deliver to the shopper.

Create a sophisticated retail franchise using:

  • Cross-channel - If the head office does it, so must the franchise; provide consistency between all shopping channels, be it online or in-store
  • Product management - receive new product information from head office and integrate within the business straight away to always remain at the forefront of customer demand
  • Shared supply chain - tap into the franchisors supply chain and become part of the same business by connecting supply chains to automate inventory deliveries

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