Microsoft Dynamics for E-Commerce

Online shopping has hit an all-time high, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. With the convenience and efficiency provided by E-Commerce, it is becoming the shopping preference of choice for many consumers.

E-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The key to online retail is ensuring it runs efficiently and seamlessly as part of wider operations. Retailers aiming to latch on to the online craze without the appropriate underlying platform will encounter issues around delivery times and stock availability, leaving fractured customer relationships that can be difficult to repair.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can build a resilient E-Commerce platform that customers can use to offer the desired convenience from online shopping. By leveraging the relationship management modules in Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can understand customers better from their online shopping habits to develop promotional content and a greater consumer experience.

Succeed with online retail ERP & CRM that uses:

  • A secure underlying platform - remove the fears of insecure payments and tap into the online shopping opportunity
  • Real-time stock management - connect the warehouse, physical and online store to regularly update item availability and never leave customers disappointed
  • Marketing development - collect online data as part of the sales process to allow future engagements and treat your most loyal shoppers
  • Shopping on the move - build a fully responsive mobile store to enable your customers to purchase anytime, anywhere and secure the revenue of impulse searches

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