Microsoft Dynamics for Call Centres

Despite the possibilities of email and social media, the customer likes nothing more than talking to another person about their product queries; with the call centre still very much sitting at the heart of customer service.

Transform your retail call centre with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Providing support to customers across all shopping channels, the call centre is critical to retaining relationships and retaining business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables retailers to facilitate effective call centres, providing phone operators with data around new product information and promotions direct from head office. Furthermore, by providing data around unique customer accounts and their purchasing history, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows call centres to solve customer queries quickly.

HSO can assist your retail call centre with:

  • Call management - monitoring of inbound and outbound calls to assess complaint levels
  • Know the customer - with access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, call operators can understand previous customer engagement to provide greater service
  • Customer service - leading customer service functionality to recruit new prospects and find cross and upsell opportunities
  • Stock management - update over the phone returns and purchases to maintain accurate inventory levels in real time

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