Repetitive Manufacturing

At HSO, we understand that dedicating a manufacturing line to the production of just one item reduces setup time and streamlines processes. Repetitive manufacturing is a form of mass production that relies on producing high numbers of identical units in a continuous flow; enter Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Agile manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics

In this environment, flexible production is needed as output may be increased or decreased to adjust to changing market conditions. That’s why we provide solutions geared to the needs of repetitive manufacturers.

In mass production, scheduling becomes essential. We can facilitate a dependable flow through production lines and give reliable analysis of component inventories, by allow you to:

  • Integrate all your touch points from sales and shipping through to shop floor and accounting
  • Enhance the efficiency of your production operations
  • Gain accurate estimated times to completion

HSO gives repetitive manufacturers access to real-time, dynamic data so you can streamline your business’s scheduling efforts.

Redefine your repetitive manufacturing business with:

  • Business insight: gain essential visibility into all customer and supplier interactions to manage and enhance complex relationships
  • Maximise relationships: use this insight to maximise the value of those relationships by gearing your communications and promotions towards a client’s particular requirements 
  • Coordinate service: share valuable information across teams to provide consistent and informed customer services
  • Sales performance: boost sales by providing teams with the same in-depth transactional information and customer history

In a busy manufacturing world, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the edge needed to steal market share and maintain competitive advantage. 


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