Discrete Manufacturing

For discrete manufacturers, from companies producing cars or airplanes through to furniture or toys, the forecasting tools of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions are crucial in helping them to develop long-range plans.

Integrate management tools with Microsoft Dynamics

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can integrate forecasting tools with familiar back-office products to give your business unprecedented visibility into future opportunities and enable informed decision-making.

Strengthen your Discrete manufacturing with:

  • Business insight: gain essential visibility into all customer and supplier interactions to manage and enhance complex relationships
  • Maximise relationships: use this insight to maximise the value of those relationships by gearing your communications and promotions towards a client’s particular requirements 
  • Coordinate service: share valuable information across connected teams and departments to provide consistent and informed customer services
  • Sales performance: boost sales by providing teams with the same in-depth transactional information and customer history

In a busy manufacturing world, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the edge needed to steal market share and maintain competitive advantage. 


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