Grow your manufacturing profit margins by increasing product, services & client value with intelligent manufacturing software from Microsoft

"By 2018, the total cost of ownership for business operations will be reduced by 30% through smart machines and industrialised services" - Gartner

Traditionally, manufacturers honed their focus at the production level of delivery, but as technology has evolved and shaped the way clients engage, there has grown a greater need for you to get closer to the specific needs of each of your customers - and this can be achieved by developing a more granular focus on customer service.


With customer experience becoming the number 1 priority, many manufacturers are seeking new ways to engage and deliver value - more connected digital services and improved responsiveness are key to achieving this. The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 manufacturing software provides a suite of collaboration and productivity tools that enable employees to work more closely when bringing new products to market. It then allows you to manage ongoing relationships and the service support elements around the delivery of each product. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing captures and displays insights generated from your smart products allowing you to get on the front foot when it comes to maintenance and support. So, rather than machines breaking and costing your clients through down time, your machines provide you with intelligent insight that mean you can repair or replace components before they cause more significant problems.


In this new era of manufacturing, you need to be able to work smarter - producing and delivering products defined by the customer, and not based on your best guess of what they need - speed is no longer the catalyst to success, instead it's defined by products that instill value from the moment they are switched on. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives manufacturers the tools needed to increase business intelligence, enabling you to launch better products and services - faster.



Deliver a more connected manufacturing experience

Manufacturing has changed dramatically in recent years with the focus on the customer throughout the production process rather than just at the end. Now there is an ongoing need to develop a relationship with the consumer.

Combining the best of ERP and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables this relationship to flourish by allowing you to track customer information in real time from a single database.

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