Sales Ledger Collections

So, you’ve mastered the art of selling. Your sales pipeline looks good and you have increasing revenues and profits with a healthy-looking income statement. However, a closer look under the hood reveals a picture that isn’t quite as pretty. Inefficiencies in your sales ledger collections process are starting to leave you with harder to manage manual processes, growing aged debtors and exposure to bad debt. If not correctly managed this will ultimately lead to write-offs and cash flow problems. 



What Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do for you

Dynamics 365 offers functionality specific to the collections management process with the aim of bringing all the necessary information your accounts receivable team need to a single screen. This screen is presented as a customer listing, displaying aged balance information with clear traffic light indicators as to the current health of that customer’s debt. The form itself can be optimised for your collection team’s requirements by setting up collection pools and agents which deliver information relevant to the individual. Displaying customers by sales region, or customer group for example.

A drill down to a selected customer shows outstanding transactions giving you a detailed look at the customer. Has the customer disputed an invoice or promised to pay? This can be set by the click of a button whilst tracking reason codes for additional analysis. Need to reprint an invoice? No problem. You’re already in the right place to do so with the ability to track your activities with the customer which over time will show patterns in accounts, allowing you to manage them proactively. 

Customer statements and collection letters can be run individually from the collections form or as a periodic function. If debt has gone bad, this can also be written off from the same form your collections team have been using all day.

Your results

By allowing your accounts receivable team to work more efficiently, it will free them up to deliver more value in monitoring credit risk. Looking forward instead of backwards, spotting problem accounts before they become a problem. Effective management of your collections process is the only way to ensure the timely receipt of cash into the business, whilst reducing bad debt write-offs, debtor days and improving cash flow. After all, cash is king.


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