IT and Office Suppliers

Microsoft Dynamics 365: ERP and CRM for IT and Office Suppliers and Resellers

In the competitive market of IT and office product distribution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you get closer to your customers by providing accurate and timely information to improve the performance of your staff.

From your sales and customer services teams to your back office staff, Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the power of ERP and CRM to help your office supply business manage margins and increase your profits. 

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your IT and office supply business 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the insights you need as and IT and office supplier by providing a range of customisable reports designed to help you make informed business decisions.

Combined Dynamics AX ERP and Dynamics CRM capabilities linked with business intelligence give your company the ability to drill down into granular detail from product information to customer history. This comprehensive visibility of your business enables you to make informed decisions on operations.

Support all your sales channels

Microsoft Dynamics 365 facilitates a number of sales channels with fast and effective processing and customer details, quotes and previous order history at your fingertips. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports:

  • Direct sales agents out on the road
  • Internal sales teams taking incoming queries and making calls to potential customers
  • Online ordering portals for both trade and retail outlets

Discover how our experts and Microsoft Dynamics 365 combine to help your IT and office supply business grow.

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