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HSO are renowned for what we can do to aid your customer experience through Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As you want to give your customers the best service possible, we want to do the same for ours. That is why we offer you Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint content management application

With the reliance that modern company’s place upon IT, it is crucial that your business  has a single clear view and can efficiently  manage documents and files. HSO and Microsoft SharePoint are here to make this ideal a reality.


SharePoint operates as an intranet for your business, where all of your internal documents and files are stored and managed. These documents will be available to staff for simultaneous viewing and editing, so your workforce can be constantly working on the documents they need.

SharePoint features administration capabilities to control what documents certain users can view, to protect sensitive information such as employee profiles and payroll data.

Enable collaboration between employees, suppliers and sub-contractors by making all information accessible via an easy to navigate SharePoint portal. With a refined search function, find the information you need quickly, and utilise the ‘version control’ feature to see who has made amendments to files and when.


New documents can be simply saved to SharePoint to become available for viewing by other staff members. As a Cloud hosted platform, Microsoft enables your workforce to access all documents along with your Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM while on the move from an internet enabled mobile device.

With the mobile access granted to Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint allows your workforce to become truly mobile and retain efficiency no matter where they are working. Having access to their CRM system and all business documents via SharePoint empowers the work done by mobile sales people.

Having all the necessary information available to them while travelling and working off site allows them to be productive and add value to your business at all times.


With HSO, all information and documents stored in your Microsoft Dynamics AX and solutions can be integrated to Microsoft SharePoint. This allows your whole workforce to view the pipeline visibility and resource allocation that has stemmed from , or the leads that marketing activity has generated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With Microsoft SharePoint, bring all the information from various sources within your business into once place, where it can be viewed, shared and edited with all employees.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner with over 25 years’ experience in deploying enterprise technology solutions. With our reputation as ‘the results company’, gained from over 1,000 successful solution installations by our expert engineers, HSO can make your move to SharePoint a seamless transition.

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