HSO Inventory Optimisation Solution

“Our inventory was reduced by 15% while the service level increased 60%”

Introducing our Inventory Optimisation Solution for retail. Software that sits perfectly inside our Microsoft Dynamics retail solution and which is designed to achieve two things for you:

  • Initiate significant reductions in your inventory.
  • Substantial increases in your turnover, resulting from greater product availability.

Our Inventory Optimisation Solution is able to achieve these results by dynamically determining the appropriate safety stock and reorder level. It allows users to manage, and if required, correct the parameters of your inventory policy e.g. the minimum order quantity or the desired service level.

Achieve these sensational results within just 3 months.

Retail organisations have achieved some significant results using the solution, including: 

  • 50% reduction of out of stocks
  • 2-7% more turnover, resulting from improved availability
  • 10-30% inventory reduction
  • Up to 50% efficiency improvement