HSO Commodities

HSOs Commodity solution, designed for both trading and manufacturing companies who purchase commodities for their own consumption, provides access to up-to-date Contract, Logistics and Risk Management information inside Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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Top 7 Headaches of Commodity Companies: 

  • My production run has been delayed due to raw material not being available.
  • My Raw Materials availability and scheduled delivery details are not available to the shop floor planners.
  • I can’t see the demand from the factory floor to ensure timely delivery of materials.
  • I don’t know the total cost of raw materials being used in production.
  • My procurement raw material system isn’t online and connected in real time to our MRP system.
  • I don’t know what has to be scheduled for delivery.

 With visibility of information from the time a trade is agreed through all aspects of the life cycle of the contract, the solution is designed to provide the functionality required by trading and procurement operations while satisfying the potentially conflicting requirements of flexibility and control.

Streamlining of processes and procedures, improved efficiency and better tracking of all aspects of contracts and logistics, particularly from a cost management perspective help to improve the bottom line.

Dynamics AX for commodity providers specifically delivers:

  • Commodity Procurement to record and manage contracts 
  • Planning utilises the sales forecast to determine raw material requirements
  • Purchasing selects contracts to satisfy Inventory and Commodity Requirements
  • Transport management capability ensuring raw materials are available when needed
  • Optimised throughput with Advanced Production Scheduling
  • A rebates schedule to manage credit with Advanced Credit Management
  • Logistics schedules the outbound transport with the Transport module
  • Visibility to Commodity positions and Foreign Exchange exposure to better implement and execute risk strategies