AX Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX For Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a unified solution that links sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production and inventory management. It makes sure you have the correct materials and inventory to manage your supply network.

Automate for Accuracy

We can help you to increase productivity and simplify compliance with official and internal regulations by establishing user-defined business rules and workflow.

Automation helps you to reduce tasks and increase accuracy as well as removing bottlenecks and improving order processes.

What Microsoft Dynamics AX can do for supply chain management:

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a supply chain management solution that provides rapid return on investment and helps you achieve the following:

  • Integrate all aspects of operations management, procurement, logistics, and information technology
  • Reduce out-of-stock situations and delayed shipments
  • Avoid mislaying invoices and orders to deliver a better customer experience
  • Gain significant business insights to enable you to operate with agility
  • Exceed consumer expectations and build loyalty

Microsoft Dynamics AX equips supply chain management with the functionality needed to manage assets locally or globally. We can help you transform your supply chain to meet the changing requirements of distribution and manufacturing.

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