Microsoft Dynamics HSO

More than 150 customers worldwide rely on HSO Service Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX to support their Field service business processes.

Introducing HSO’s Mobile Field Service integrated with Service Management can increase customer satisfaction, grow incremental revenue and increase profitability.

Features include:

  • View work orders
  • Start and stop work orders
  • Navigate to customer location/s
  • Adding materials and return hours

At the same time service engineers have direct access to all the data they need to perform the job; service objects, resources, service contracts and logistics.


HSO understands your need to streamline operations when faced with increased competition and cost-cutting initiatives. We realise that to remain competitive differentiation you must accomplish more with less staff while your customers continue to demand higher service levels. The need for enhanced mobile field service productivity has never been greater. Based on our experience in operating within Field Service environments globally, we have been able to create a solution that meets the changing needs of our customers worldwide.

Today, we are proud to offer HSO Field Service, a mobile platform that enables enterprises to optimise the operations of field service personnel.

Mobile Field Service provides mobile workers with timely access to context-based information relating to orders, customers, assets and inventory via wireless communication. Your field workers can interact seamlessly with the systems and experts in the back office of your enterprise. And key personnel in the office will always know where your mobile workers are and what they are doing – so your customers can be kept informed too.


With our solution, you will quickly realise significant operational cost savings. Your field workforce will be more productive, your customers will be more satisfied, and your bottom line will see the difference. That is what we call enterprise mobility. Mobile Field Service successfully closes the loop between field workers, HSO Service Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX and your customers. We mobilise your core business processes to give field personnel and office-based workers real-time access to enterprise systems whether they work on a desktop terminal or a mobile computing device. This allows personnel – regardless of location – to share critical information relating to customers, orders, assets and inventory. As a result, your field workers arrive at the customer location on time with the right equipment and information to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently.


HSO Mobile Field Service support both off line and online capabilities:

Agenda to view work orders-Start and stop work orders-Navigate to work location/s-Access to customer, service object and service contract and work order information-Adding used spare parts and other materials-Receipt customer signature for work order completion and confirmation-Adding service notes-Registering expenses and travel time

Mobile Field Service is fully integrated with the HSO Service Management module for Microsoft Dynamics AX.


The following demonstrates a basic service management process.Service Management can be fully configured to meet the service process  requirements of your organisation.


21 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM ERP Software From HSO

Mobile Field Service easily adapts to your needs. Whilst our solution is pre-configured for rapid implementation, it can be easily adapted to handle your unique business processes. With Mobile Field Service you will always be in control to configure the system to meet your specific needs. Capabilities:

  • Insight derived management of required resource capacity versus available resource capacity
  • Agenda to view service tasks/ work orders
  • Configurable columns in agenda
  • Start work order
  • Travel to work order location
  • Navigate to work order location
  • Add materials, like spare parts
  • Add materials with barcode scanner
  • Entering notes per status
  • Signature capture
  • Multilanguage support
  • Initial load on PDA (base data)
  • Time zone support


Microsoft Dynamics HSO


Service Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX can suggest a work centre, based on the object (location management) and event code (skills management) settings you have entered into the system. Your planner first determines what kind of resources (type/ group of employees, machines and materials) are necessary for solving the service request. Based on standard problem codes that can be indicated for each object type, a standard use of resources is proposed. It is possible to access a list with sub-objects and/or components of which an object can consist of. Based on these data, a detailed planning can then be made and distributed. With Service Management you get a graphical scheduling overview for a clear and detailed view regarding the scheduled activities for your service employees.


Using this scheduling overview, your planner has all the necessary data in one or two separated screens with drag and drop functionality from the service tasks to the planning. After the planning in Service Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX the service orders are transferred to the respective mobile devices of the service engineers.

Microsoft Dynamics HSO


Customer Information 

Service Subject Information: Most relevant customer information can be viewed on any mobile device

-Gain access to fields object ID, object description, serial number and the object end of warranty date

Service Contact Information

View basic contract information, like the contract type, the contract type description, the start/end date and the contract remarks

Service Task/ Order Information 

  • Access to service task fields: task ID, task description (event code) start date/time based on task Service Level Agreement
  • Service call fields: subject
  • Service call fields: message

Service Task/Order Hours 

  • Service task fields: start date/time and the amount of planned hours on the device.
  • Indirect tasks/time / Stopping the order whilst working on it
  • Register end time

Service Task/Order Items 

  • Add material to service task and send to mobile device
  • Add material from list (inventory) by the engineer on site (on mobile device), only from engineers own warehouse as mentioned
  • on their work center.
  • Update stock level of the engineer’s warehouse on to the device
  • Item fields: item number, item name, item quantity and warehouse
  • Warehouse types: ‘good’ or ‘bad’ warehouse
  • Add material to service task which is bought by engineer
  • Costs for lunch, parking etc…
  • Enter travel time
  • Enter current mileage
  • Send from service task to mobile device (list of activities)
  • Update service operation list in DYS-SMA to ‘executed’ or ‘not executed’
  • Statuses can be (at least); received, read, traveling to, on site and registered (=complete)
  • Updates from mobile device to AX
  • The last 4 service tasks can be viewed
  • Fields: service tasks the realised date, the statistical codes, the
  • solution text and the used spare parts

Service Notes

Available fields are: note fields; progress note, internal note and solution textOnly the solution note can be deleted on the device

When your service employee is planned for a service task, a work order is created. Work orders combine items, hours and work specification into one document. Work orders may start as quotation from the sales module, from a service request or from pre-defined planned maintenance on an object in a service contract.

After the service activities have been executed, hours, materials, costs and mileage are accounted for, so that they can be charged as agreed upon.

Invoicing and Financial posting

Within Service Management the service orders will be invoiced dependent on the service contract agreement.


Microsoft Dynamics HSO


Microsoft Dynamics HSO


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